Try Saying This Out Loud Today

If you use the bathroom in my house, you’ll see “I am kind.  I am compassionate.  I am honest.  I love you!” written in marker on the mirror. I wrote it myself. I guess I got the idea from my inner teenage self…?

I put it there to remind myself every morning and again before bed (and however many times in between). But it’s not just there to read to myself. It’s meant to be read out loud!

One really important lesson I learned from one of my coaches, Amelie Chanda, is that if you say something out loud, it creates a vibration. It becomes something physical that you can feel. It’s now more than just a thought or an idea or a dream. Saying something out loud makes it REAL and way more powerful. It also now makes you accountable to anyone who hears you.  And we all know how much more motivated we can get if someone ELSE is holding us to our word. Let it be your motivation!

So now, whenever we have meetings at my house, I tell my team that every time they use the bathroom, they have to say those words out loud. And being a team of 4 moms…let’s just say those words are spoken out loud a lot.

At the last FemFolk Live event in September, we had the entire audience say these words out loud. Try it yourself right now:

I give myself permission

To trust my own voice

To step into my power

And to know what I’m doing matters.

If this resonates with you, I want you to write it down and read it aloud whenever you see it. Your phone or desktop background, somewhere in the house, at work…heck, write it on the bathroom mirror at work! Imagine a workplace filled with good vibrations!