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Crystal speaks and coaches using her life experiences, from working a 9 – 5, starting her own successful accounting business, and finally finding her passion and life’s purpose – empowering women and entrepreneurs to live their best lives.

Crystal suffered a breakdown and depression when her oldest child was 3. She was burnt out – shutting everyone out, leaving her job. She sought help, got counselling and was able to pull herself out. Vowing to never let that happen again, she made a choice – herself – took control of her life and started her own successful business.

Now Crystal is bringing her message to the world, to empower you to unlock your full potential.

Epiphany Moments

Finding your passion and making it happen. The power of creating and following your vision. The story of how an accountant became a speaker, trainer and lifestyle business coach.

The FemFolk Effect

Who you spend time with influences the person you eventually become. Who you are with can elevate you as much as it can bring you down. Crystal talks about the life changing effect of finding your people, and rising together.

Creating Whiteboard Magic

During this presentation, Crystal will walk you through how you can create your own whiteboard magic to map out what you want your life to look like, thinking bigger and then the steps to get you there.

Permission to Pivot

Give yourself permission to pivot. You feel like you were made for more. Lean into that feeling. Give space to the thoughts. But most importantly, surround yourself often with people who lift you up and allow you to be your true self without any judgement.

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To book Crystal Rieck as a speaker, contact Shannon VanDeByl at 519-420-8582 or shannon (at) crystalrieck.com.