Let’s Create a Movement!

I want to create a movement.  I am sick of women thinking that they’re not smart enough, not good enough, not strong enough – not ENOUGH!

So many of us think we’re not enough.  It’s time for that to stop.  It’s time to create a movement.  We need to find that fierce, kick ass woman, that is deep down, much deeper for some, and release her.

I found my fierce woman and I had to dig deep.  I’ve worked with several coaches over the last year – digging deep to find what I want out of life, out of my business and what I want for other people.  And I’ve had to do the work.  I had to answer the tough questions, questions that make you put yourself first, and that’s really hard because we’re not used to doing it.

I want every woman to go through that process of empowerment so they can truly feel happiness and live the life that they dream of.  The life that maybe they haven’t even thought about.  I want women to stop feeling guilty, stop beating yourself up for things you think you should or shouldn’t have done.

I know it’s easier said than done – it actually takes work to change your mindset on those things.  I still feel those things but because of the great coaches I’ve had I’ve learned how to change my mindset.  I catch myself doing it.  You hear those negative limiting beliefs coming back and you hear that voice in your head saying “you can’t do it” but I keep pushing forward.  I have a plan and when you have a plan it’s a lot easier to keep going.

I want those of you reading this to take the first step right now.  Just acknowledge that it’s ok to be exactly where you’re at.  To not feel bad about it.  We’re all confused and stuck at times, we’ve all been there.  Just know that where you are in this moment is exactly where you’re meant to be.  Find a coach or a friend or someone that will allow you to release all of your thoughts and help you walk through what you want out of life, set goals and put the steps in place to get you there.

I totally believe that by putting it out there, letting someone else know, being vulnerable, not only holds you to it and keeps you accountable but it attracts what you want.  The universe (god or spirit or whatever you believe) has your back!   It’s going to take care of you but you need to take the first step. You can spend time guessing and being negative about where you’re at or you can make a different choice.  You can choose to join the movement. Empower yourself, empower others, empowerup!

Who’s with me?