I’m done going to every one of my kids’ hockey games

Moms, we all know that since the dawn of after school activities, it’s been our motherly duty to make it to absolutely every game, every practice, every class, every recital, every performance etc. we possibly can…cause, we’re moms and that’s what we do.

But this season, I gave myself permission to say “no”. I NEVER would have done that before – especially something involving my boys. And believe me, I’m still overcome with ‘mom guilt’. Putting yourself ahead of anything involving family seems entirely selfish and “unmotherly”, right?

It’s not.

Giving yourself permission to say “no” to things and “yes” to yourself is a huge step toward living your best life. As a mom of 3, a wife, a business owner, coach and volunteer, I want to have the energy to be totally present at all things I’m involved in – not just there, tired, distracted and feeling like I’m just trying to keep up. By saying “no” and creating that space, I can be all in at the games I’m at – which is still most of them, just not all. I can say “You know what? Dad is gonna take you this time…or Grandma is going to take you this time,” and not feel like I’m letting them down. Besides, Dad is present at every game, no matter what…because hockey.

Like any good coach, it’s important to ensure your players aren’t burning themselves out early. It’s a long season, and the key is to control your pace and save your best for the most crucial moments. Moms, we’re in it for the long haul. It’s time to let ourselves be OK with taking a seat on the bench from time to time, if it means we’re rested and ready to give it everything when it’s our turn to shine.