Christmas Presence

It looks like a wrapping paper bomb just went off in my house. No time to clean it up though, cause we have to hurry off to my in-laws for the first of 3 family get-togethers over the next 36 hours. Didn’t get much sleep last night cause I was up all night wrapping and prepping a ham. Why the hell did I volunteer to bring the ham this year? No, I have no idea where the batteries are, ask your dad. If it doesn’t fit we’ll return it tomorrow. Did I even turn the oven on? How are the roads? Is 9am too early for rum and eggnog?

Christmas. The happiest, most joyful time of the year. Ain’t it ladies?

If you read my blog about not going to all my kids hockey games anymore, you’ll notice I’m getting pretty good at not letting mom guilt get the best of me anymore. I mean, it’s a work in progress, for sure. But as a mom, we do EVERYTHING to make sure our family experiences an unforgettable Christmas. We work tirelessly on surprises, decorating & preparing. In our hearts it’s magical.

But in our heads and backs, Christmas is often painful, stressful and overwhelming.

So this year, I’m making my family’s Christmas about presence. Not presents.

I’m talking actually ENJOYING the moment. Check out my 5 ways I’m putting presence over presents in 2019 on this episode of the EmpowerUp Podcast. I guarantee your heart will MORE filled with Christmas joy than any amount of boxes and bags under the tree can provide.

No gifts. No guilt. And this goes especially for moms…it’s OK to dial back on the gifts. The thought and effort going into presence will reward your heart and soul far more than spending loads of money on that couple hours of excitement and cute Instagram photos on Christmas morning.

I’m focusing this Christmas on the greatest gift of all – people time. Family, friends, even strangers who could use a friend. Memories that will last longer than a set of batteries. And way less to clean up after.