2023 is the year she made


Smash that 7-figure ceiling, get your life back and finally bask in the freedom and possibility of your dream business using the HER FIRST MILLION Accelerator Program.

No one told us running a business meant...

  • Working more hours for less money than our old, crappy jobs

  • We'd have less time to watch our kids grow up

  • We'd lie awake wondering if we'd ever save up for...anything

  • Mostly wasting time on mundane tasks instead of doing the thing we love

What if you could finally...


Time. Family wealth. Freedom. All the things you wanted your business to give you in the first place.


Imagine running your business confidently and effortlessly, all to the beautiful rhythm of your heart & soul.


Launching, marketing and selling your way using a business strategy that's perfectly aligned with your personal flare!

But you can't seem to get to that next level. Here's why...

So many women entrepreneurs are feeling exactly the way you are: tired of the courses, the tools, and the gurus telling you their million-dollar stories that just aren’t working for YOU.

Here's what's missing...

A business is just like a house: if you don't lay a solid foundation, things crack. 

When you started out, you went ALL IN - fired up, resourceful, creative, and you just figured everything out along the way, including how to stick bubble gum and lipstick over top of every little headache and problem.

But everything now depends on YOU and your patchwork solutions. You spend more time re-fixing problems then on the things you love and are good at.

It’s time to peel back and rebuild your foundation, using a rock solid blueprint and strategy to crush your million dollar vision THIS YEAR!

You ready for this?

I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Her First Million

A 6-month Accelerator Program that will teach you proven business strategies, give you tools and access to individualized coaching and mentorship from Award-Winning Business Strategist, Crystal Rieck.

Crystal’s one-of-a-kind approach to business planning has helped numerous women transform  from exhausted, overworked entrepreneur into 7-Figure CEO. Together, you’ll reverse-engineer your business goals so they fit the lifestyle you want first and design a business plan that provides for it. 

It’s not about more hustle.

It’s about rising from producer to Leader. 

In 6 months, with your reworked foundation, a more streamlined strategy and Crystal at your side, you’ll rocket your way toward your first million-dollar year in 2023 and finally have the time, money and freedom to live the life you want.

What's included when I sign up?


Intensive program using business & mindset strategies to plan

Your First Million Dollar year.

Build and execute your strategic & aligned business plan using the 10 components of a Million Dollar Business


6 months of LIVE teachings with

7 Figure Business Strategist

Crystal Rieck

Each week Crystal will be teaching and walking you through the steps of building your Million Dollar Business & Life Strategy .


Weekly LIVE Accountability sessions with the Fierce Free Femme coaching team and other Industry experts

Learn from subject matter experts on weekly accountability calls so you can get clarity and keep moving forward!


Private Facebook Community with Like-Souled Women

A private facebook community with other soul-aligned women who are building their Million Dollar Business along side you.



Worksheets & Digital Templates

Weekly worksheets and digital templates used to develop your aligned business

eco-system and will use for years to come.


BONUS 1:1 Financial Strategy Session with Crystal Rieck

Numbers get personal...we get it!

Get a 2 hour 1:1 financial strategy session with your Personal CFO Crystal Rieck.


Join now for just


(or 4 payments of $1,444)

Why this program?

  • You’re ready to move past constant 1:1 clients

  • Getting over the 6-figure hump seems impossible

  • You’re ready to finally see results for all your time and effort

  • You want to spend way less time working

  • You know you need a predictable plan to get you to your BIG BOLD dreams

  • You want to scale and cash flow with ease

  • You want to create multiple streams of income

“Immediately, when I met Crystal, the spirit and authenticity that shines through, and just the genuine love, that comes out of Crystal was just so enlightening. Crystal is always there to lift you up, to motivate you, to inspire you and empower you to achieve the things that you maybe didn’t think were possible.”

— Andrea Husted, Entrepreneur

“Crystal is an amazing coach. She naturally creates a safe space for you to dive deep into your own self discovery. This class was a MASSIVELY worthwhile
investment in time and money. It gave me the SPACE to visualize what I truly want in my life and business."

— Jess Bommarito, Founder

“My biggest take away, is finding comfort ability on my own vulnerability, and being confident in my authenticity, and making sure that my confidence translate, not being afraid of scaring others away with my authenticity.”

— Hannah Dolson, Musician

Hey...I'm Crystal

I help 6 and 7 figure CEO’s breakthrough revenue plateaus, reclaim their time and maximize their impact.

 I was exactly where you are: an accountant who traded way too much time for money, missed out on precious time with my kids and completely neglected her mental & physical health. But once I reverse-engineered my business goals to put my dream life first, everything changed. I set sights on a new goal, crafted a plan that got me there and put it to work.

As an expert business strategist & number-cruncher, my real super power is seeing your unlimited potential. I can easily visualize a success path based on where you are now and where you want to be and provide a clear, step by step path to get there. 

My proven approach took a client from $2 Million in overdraft to $5 Million in the bank in just a couple years. That is legacy-style wealth building…and that is my JAM!!!

If you’re ready to scale your business into a multi-million dollar empire that leaves a lasting legacy on the world - you are a FIERCE FREE FEMME!


As if this offer could not get any sweeter right???

If you sign up BEFORE February 15 you will get:

  • Bonus Vision Workshop

    that will take place before the new year so you can get clear on what you want for 2023 and start manifesting & creating your Million Dollar Life ASAP! Value $297

  • Full Enrolment in the

    Messy But Done - 5 week Online Course Accelerator Program

    that will take you from idea to launching your course idea in just 5 weeks starting in late January 2023 - Value $997 USD

  • The Fierce Free Femme Mentorship box -Value $100 USD


Can I really generate $1Million in revenue in 1 year?

The answer is YES! All Millionaires at some point created a business plan that would lead them to their First Million Dollar Year. Now it's your time!

How can someone work less hours and still make more money?

Our program is designed to help coaches, consultants & service providers that typically charge by the hour, build courses, programs and other digital products based on the work they provide that they can sell to a wider audience. If you are not a coach, you can still join our program. Anyone can have digital products that sell in their sleep!

I just started in business. Is this program for me?

Our program is best suited for business owners who have or have had an existing business – but if you have proven expertise and results and are ready to turn that into a scalable offer, our program can help with that.

How much LIVE support will I get throughout the program?

Each week will be 2 live sessions. One with Crystal Rieck teaching the lesson in which there will be some time for questions near the end of the call. The 2nd session will be for implementation and clarification. This is where you will be able to get answers to all your questions for the week.

Is this going to be an emotional challenge?

No doubt...but we will be right there with you cause we are all done doing things alone!!

Will this give me tactical things to implement in my business?

Of course! This is a hands on, all in program. The more you lean in and do the work, the quicker you will reach your goals!


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